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How to Treat Anxiety
By : Robert Hawkins

Eliminated or at least managing anxiety can be achieved by either eliminating the source of your anxiety or implementing solutions to better manage the situation. To better understand stand this let's look at Bob who is the manager of a retailer that has just been purchased by a competitor.

Bob loves his job and has been with the same company for 15 years but recently his anxiety level has gone through the roof due to a change in store ownership. The new owners haven't decided whether or not they will be keeping the old management. There is some talk they want to start with a clean slate. If that is not enough they have asked Bob to put in an extra 20 hours a week to make sure the transition is a smooth one. He was already working 60 hours a week now it is up to 80. This has forced him drink more caffeine laden drinks just to keep going. With an uncertain future it is difficult for Bob to deflect his intense feelings of anxiety. End

The basic definition of mild anxiety is a normal response to stress that resolves when the stress is removed which only becomes a medical problem requiring treatment if it consistently interferes with a person's day to day functioning. Certainly our friend Bob is right on the borderline between moderate anxiety and severe anxiety requiring some form of medical help.

Treating Anxiety - So what did Bob do?

Bob has never been one to take a problem lying down and did an internet search for how to treat anxiety and another one for treating anxiety. What he found out was that he certainly wasn't alone and that there were many other people just like him suffering from stress induced situational anxiety. He discovered that people who are going through a period of anxiety should avoid caffeine, stimulants, alcohol, or anything else that might alter their moods. He also learned that there are techniques such as biofeedback, relaxation techniques, and herbal remedies which can help a person relax in times of stress, thus deflecting the anxiety. He also ran across an article on a behavioral therapy called cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) that claimed to be helpful in developing solutions to treat anxiety.

Bobs action plan: Bob realized that the way he was coping with the stress brought about by his job uncertainty was affecting his job performance and decided to take action. He implemented a plan combining deep breathing exercises, a walk around the shopping center once a day to clear his thoughts, mindful acceptance of the possible outcome, and an herbal remedy for anxiety containing Saw Palmetto and Passionflower. He also reduced his caffeine intake slightly but felt at this point he had to have the caffeine to keep going.

Conclusion: Today Bob has is back to his old happy go lucky self. He was able to use the tools above to deflect his anxiety until the situation passed. The new owners have decided that he is an asset and could possibly be regional management material. While the immediate threat has lifted our friend Bob has decided to continue implementing the step he learned from that internet article titled "How to Treat Anxiety" so that the next time a stressful situation showed up on his doorstep he would be ready to attack it head on.