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13 Ways to Increase Your Longevity
Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.

Illness, disease, medications, and a restricted quality of life affect so many people in our society, particularly as they age.  Yes, some ailments are hereditary and may not be easily avoided.  But many of the ailments afflicting our population may be resulting from stress, dietary factors, lack of exercise, poor sleep and rest habits, and other possibly preventible causes.  We can learn a lot by studying the lifestyle and habits of people living on a ittle Greek island known as Ikaria..  Mountainous, isolated, and 99 square miles in size, Ikaria, houses an extremely high proportion of seniors over age 90. 

What is so special about the aging population living on this small island enclave is that they apparently  have  

*   20% fewer cases of cancer than Americans
*   half the amount of heart disease
*   one ninth the amount of diabetes
*   virtually NO Alzheimer's disease

A team of researchers interviewed local islanders living in Ikaria, studied the environment and the terrain, asked about the diets and activities of the inhabitants, and developed a list of 13 possible factors that could account for the health and longevity of these people.  Many of the items suggested here may already be familiar.  Some may surprise you.

1.    Eat green vegetables
2.    Drink herbal teas
3.    Stop living by the clock
4.    Take daily naps
5.    Walk everywhere
6.    Be sociable and spend time with friends
7.   Eat a Mediterranean diet (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish)
8.    Have some Greek honey (contains anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties)
9.    Use plenty of olive oil (high in anti-oxidants)
10.   Eat locally grown produce
11.  Participate in religious rituals and services
12.   Drink goat's milk (high in tryptophan, blood pressure lowering hormone)
13.   Bake your own bread (high in complex carbohydtates, may improve glucose metabolism)

How does your diet and lifestyle compare to the 13 items listed here?  Are there some aspects of your life that you can improve upon right now?  Can you add some walking, a cup of herbal tea, some home baked bread, locally grown produce, a daily period of relaxation time when you refuse to watch the clock, etc., into your daily routine? 

We live in a free society.  We have lots of choices.  What we choose to do right now, today, not ten years from now, will determine the health of our body and may contribute to our own longevity.  The choice is yours.