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Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States, and is second only to heart disease in work disability. Recent statistics show that 50 million Americans have some form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two best known and most common types.
Osteoarthritis, also known as "degenerative joint disease", is caused by the wear and tear of the joints. Neck, hips, knees and lower back are the parts of the body most likely to be affected by osteoarthritis.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body??s immune system attacks itself. It affects joints, bones, and organs. It attacks type II collagen in human cartilage, causing painful and often disabling joint inflammation. One may feel tired, sick, or feverish.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the degeneration of joints come from the degeneration of Kidney & Liver function. Bio Essence Corporation has put together a new formula combining nutritional ingredients (some of which are extracted through new advanced technology) and herbal extracts called . It is designed to protect the joints; restore damaged joints to normal function; help relieve pain and swelling caused by inflammation and arthritis; promote local circulation to relive pain and stiffness in the joints of neck, back, knees, shoulders and arms. It also support the articular cartilage tendons, ligaments and skin.


I have had right knee pain and soreness for over 9 months due to an inflamed medial meniscus ligament.

I tried a lot of herbal teas. None helped much. Finally I ordered your “Powerful Joints” formula a few months ago. I took 3 tablets, 3 times a day over 2 weeks.


I was shocked and surprised. Most of my knee pain is gone now. I am very satisfied and very impressed by your formula.

Morteza Aleali, Licensed Acupuncturist, Portland, OR ----

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 tablets
Chondroitin Sulfate (Bovine source from USA, >90%, )..180 mg
Glucosamine HCL.....................................210 mg
Grape Seed Extract (95%OPC).........................150 mg
Shark Cartilage(USA)................................240 mg
BioCell Hydrolysed Collagen Type II.................150 mg
DL-Phenylalanine....................................170 mg
Vitamin C ..........................................105 mg
Copper (as Copper Gluconate)........................410 mcg
Proprietary blend of herbal extracts: Pseudo-ginseng(san Qi), Boswellia serrata (Ru Xiang), Curcuma (Jiang Huang), Dang Gui, Gentiana Root (Qin Jiao), Psoralea seed (Bu Gu Zhi), Cordyceps (Dong Cong Xia Cao), (Fo-Ti) He Shou Wu, Licorice (Gan Cao)................................785 mg

Ingredients introduction:
HYDROLYSED TYPE II COLLAGEN (from BioCell Collagen II™): This is the protein that keeps our joints healthy and functional. Cartilage is one of the body’s main connective tissues providing flexibility and support to bone joints. In cartilage, type II collagen is the principal structural protein responsible for its tensile strength and toughness. But, at times the body's immune system mistakes type II collagen in human joints as an outside invader and sends antibodies to attack and destroy the collagen; this results in inflammation and affect adversely the mobility and flexibility of the joints.
This ingredient is extracted from 100% pure chicken sternum which is the richest source of type II collagen and is hydrolyzed for maximum absorption. Independent analysis shows that BioCell Collagen II™ contains Type II Collagen (60-65%), Chondroitin Sulfate (20% min.), Hyaluronic Acid (10% min.) and Glucosamine. It is the ONLY hydrolyzed chicken type II collagen product to offer this unique combination. A recent clinical study showed that 89.9% of the people received some level of pain relief within forty-five days of taking BioCell Collagen II™ (U.S. Patent No. 6,025,327).

CHONDROITIN SULFATE (from Type II Collagen & Shark Cartilage): Chondroitin is one of the building blocks of cartilage. It makes the cartilage 'spongy' by drawing fluid into the the cartilage. This is significant because cartilage has no blood supply. Additionally, it inhibits some enzymes which degenerate the cartilage, interferes with other enzymes which impede the transport of nutrients to cartilage, stimulates the production of cartilage matrix molecules, and enhances synergistically the action of the glucosamines.

HYALURONIC ACID(HA): It comes from Type II Collagen, HA is a major component of the extracellular matrix, the space between living cells, and is present in the skin tissue. HA is a major constituent of synovial joint fluid and hyaline cartilage tissue. It also allows the retaining of skin moisture and functions as lubricant between the collagen matrix and the skin.

GLUCOSAMINE: This is a building block of new cartilage. Our body cannot repair cartilage without glucosamine. Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCl) is used instead of Glucosamine Sulfate because it is more stable, better absorbed.

SHARK CARTILAGE: It is known to be a good natural source of collagen, glucoseamine and chondroitin sulfate. No heat, chemicals or bleaching agent have been used during the cleaning process. It also has anti-angeosis function to decrease the inflammation in arthritis.

DLPA is an essential amino acid called ¡§phenylalanine¡¨. Phenylalanine is the precursor of tyrosine, and hence of dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Phenylalanine enhances pain relief by slowing down the breakdown of these body-produced pain relievers, giving them a much longer time to act.

VITAMIN C: It boosts the immune system; helps cement and stabilize the artery walls; stimulates the production of the connective tissue. Its deficiency leads to tissue weakness. An optimal supply of vitamin C insures the production of collagen and elastic fiber molecules.

ORIENTAL HERBAL EXTRACTS: Pseudoginseng Root, Dang Gui, Curcuma Rhizoma, Psoralea Seed, Cordyceps, Boswellia Resin, Gentiana Root, Fo-Ti, Licorice. Traditionally, some of these herbs are used to help relieve pain, some are used to enhance the Kidney and Liver function. It can promote circulation in a person who has limited joint mobility; swelling and deformity of joints; numbness and coldness of the limbs; pain and stiffness in the neck, back, shoulders and arms; migratory pain, etc.

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: In Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, the new collagen often contains too many cross-links, producing thick, stiff, dysfunctional cartilage that is prone to injury. Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin Complex (OPC) from grape seeds help reduce excess cross-linkage by neutralizing free radicals, protecting collagen from excess collagenase, and helping vitamin C support synthesis of healthy new collagen.

COPPER: It is essential for the formation of collagen and it helps to control inflammatory arthritis/bursitis symptoms. It works in balance with zinc and vitamin C to form elastin; it also aids in bone mineralization. It is also important for the proper absorption of zinc.

Notice: The above statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.